I didn’t know that Love Stage was only 10 episodes and I am upset.

I would have appreciated the finality of what I was watching more if I knew it was the ending. ;_______;

Rabbit Garden

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want to be drawing.

need to be drawing.

My wrists and my fingers are in so much pain bfhbfghfgkkhklghhhrhgfhg

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Xenoblade | Colony 6 ~Future~

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Preview of GO GO☆TOUOU feat. Sakurai and Momoi from Aomine’s solo mini album -Formless Beat- (to be released August 31, 2014) — dialogue translation under the cut!

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Singing Momoi all of my dreams have come true this day

It cuts off right where they are about to all sing together ☉_☉ that’s about the most effective motivation to look forward to the full version ever.

Otomennews :

Visual character (Ultra-musical) of “Bakumatsu Rock” ticket information & long-awaited ban ultra-opera!



that’s amazing




The first full trailer for Dai Gyakuten Saiban is here! Subs will be added shortly.

Subs have now been added! (Turn on annotations.)  For those who can’t see annotations, a transcript after the jump:

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is that Hiro Shimono

the very person I posted about earlier today

or am I just that starved for him that I’m hearing his voice where it actually isn’t………

I miss Hiro Shimono I need him in more anime pronto.

I saw his name in the credits of Donten ni Warau and got rly excited but then crestfallen b/c that’s exactly the anime I promised myself I wouldn’t watch because it is SO SAD.  Yuuki Kaji and Tsubasa Yonaga are in it too………. that is like………………. the trinity of kawaii genki youthful boy voices………………………………….. stop tempting me, sad anime, don’t make me watch u……………..