I am reading about Live2D and it is blowing my mind. o____o

For the most part the results look great but when I look at the otome games that are being animated using this it kiND OF FREAKS ME OUT

I AM UNCOMFORTABLE WATCHING THIS OMG STOP MOVING LIKE THAT OAO.  Maybe I just need to get used to it, but seeing this for the first time it feels more like wandering into uncanny valley territory…

REGARDLESS, the technology is amazing.  And I hope this doesn’t come across as me bashing or flaming Tokimeki Restaurant because I’ve been seeing this one come up fairly often and I know a lot of girls are interested in it.  I really think it’s just me needing to get used to this kind of animation and maybe it will grow on me in time. e3e

And like I said, the less realistically-proportioned the character art is, the better Live2D looks on them.  Looking at this video, it’s incomprehensible to my brain that the girl we’re looking at is a flat, drawn image and not a 3D-modeled polygon.