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HE★VENS GATE episode rip (ノ☉‿‿☉)ノ*:・゚’✿,。・:*:・゚’❁

Ootori Eiichi (Hikaru Midorikawa) - I’ve also got posts of him singing here and here.
Kira Sumeragi (Daisuke Ono) - Also singing here and here and here!
Nagi Mikado (Tsubasa Yonaga) - ……..ok I don’t have anything else of him yet but………… when the Free! character songs are out that’ll change……..

I’m sure you guys can add more to this list!

…Nagi you are 13 how do you even know the word “ecstasy” ????

Update: I now have a download link for this audio file, for anyone who might be interested in it!