Houkago Colorful Step is another Starry Sky-like otome by Honeybee, where there are 12 characters in various clubs split into 4 games with 3 datable characters each.  Update: OOPS I was incorrect!!  As invisibear pointed out it is actually TWO games with SIX characters each!!  I’m very sorry for the incorrect information!!

The voice cast for the first sports club group, the Track team, was just announced!

Ninomae Kiichi is Hirakawa Daisuke (aaaaaaah)

Tokitou Chikayuki is Kishou Taniyama (AAAAAAAAAAHH)

and Kiryuu Nanao (who looks like an Audino to me) is Tsubasa Yonaga (AAAAAAAAAAAAAHH)

(Source: otome-jikan.net)